Tech News Today for March 30, 2017

Tech News for Thursday March 30, 2017

Palmer Luckey, the co-founder of Oculus and the guy behind the Oculus Rift’s development from conception, is leaving Facebook after three years with the company post acquisition. Friday will be his last day at Facebook, but what's unclear is whether the move was Luckey’s or Facebook’s doing. Read more at

Twitter has been chipping away at what is included within that 140 character limit, and it announced that usernames in at replies will no longer count against that character limit. Now, instead of showing at names inline with the tweet, those names will display above the tweet itself. Tapping those names allows for an expanded view of who’s in on the thread and also allows for editing those who you might wish to remove from future tweets. Read more at

According to a report from Bloomberg, Amazon really wants you to start buying your Oreos directly from them, bypassing stores like Wal-Mart, Costco, and Target. Jeff Bezos has invited the General Mills and packaged goods makers to Amazon's headquarters to explain why it's better if they sell their stuff directly to the customer through Amazon. Bezos is also trying to convince the food makers to sell their products in bulk in the same way warehouse chains like Costco have convinced them. Bloomberg says fear might be the motivating factor here as the big companies know that Amazon can create their own products to sell if General Mills doesn't want to go through Amazon. Read more at

Microsoft likes the new Samsung Galaxy S8 so much, it’s partnering with Samsung to release special versions of the phone called the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition. Upon first Wifi connection, the phone will automatically download Microsoft’s suite of Android apps, and once automatically installed, those apps will be placed strategically on the homescreen. Other Microsoft owned properties like LinkedIn and Wunderlist will also be installed on the device. Read more at

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