Tech News Today for March 21, 2017

Tech News for Tuesday March 21, 2017

Apple made a bushel of announcements this morning with very little fanfare. Instead of a big invite-only media event, they released the news and some products to a handful of journalists and here's the biggest news: A cheaper iPad. Apple replaced the iPad Air with a new 9.7 iPad, simply called, "iPad." It will be thicker, heavier and faster with an A9 chip. It starts at $329 for 32GB and $429 for 128GB. Read more at

Apple also announced a special edition Project Red iPhone 7 which costs $100 more than the regular iPhone 7. Every purchase of the red iPhone contributes to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs. Read more at

And say goodbye to the 16 gigabyte iPhone. Apple will release two new iPhone SEs, with double the storage at 32GB and 128GB, but no other changes. Learn more at

And finally, Apple teased a new app that will probably come out with iOS 10.3. It's called Clips and it's basically Snapchat. They say it's a new app for making and sharing fun videos. Read more at

President Trump has failed twice with attempted bans on immigrants from select muslim-majority nations thanks to federal courts. But while the Trump Administration hasn’t been able to keep people out as it’d like, it’s now targeting something else: gadgets. On Tuesday, the US — and the UK too — announced a ban on the use of electronic devices larger than a smartphone in plane cabins from a total of 10 muslim-majority nations. Electronics like laptops, e-readers, handheld gaming devices and cameras have to be stowed away in checked luggage, and can’t be taken into the cabin or used during flights. bound flights. Packing these devices away in carry ons won’t be an option. This electronic usage ban applies specifically to passengers. Flight and cabin crews won’t be affected under these new restrictions. Both US and the UK bans cover flights from Turkey, Jordan and Egypt into the US or the UK. The US is also imposing these rules on flights into the US from Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The UK also includes Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Read more at

Google has released details about the upcoming "Android O" operating system. Read more at

In other Google news, after apologizing yesterday, the company now says they're revamping their advertising policy in order to avoid ads being automatically placed on extremist content. In a blog post, Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler says the company is raising the bar, tightening safeguards, improving transparency, and employing several other positive sounding gerunds. Read more at

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