Tech News Today for July 21, 2016

Tech News Stories for July 21, 2016

Elon Musk announced Tesla Solar yesterday, which is essentially an app store, but instead of apps it's sun power and Tesla wants to control it. Musk also revealed the Tesla Semi - a ginormous solar commercial vehicle to be revealed next year. And the cake topper, the future ability to share your Tesla with a push of a button so you can make money from your super expensive car when you're not using it. Read more on Elon Musk's Twitter - @elonmusk.

If you're going to successfully run one of the most popular places for people to find unofficial copies of movies and tv shows, you might think twice before you open a Facebook account for your business. Artem Vaulin, the 30 year old Ukranian man behind Kickass Torrents has been arrested after using the same IP address to log into the KickassTorrents Facebook page and to buy something on iTunes. That was enough for the government to obtain a warrant to compel Facebook and Apple to turn over Vaulin's information. That information, coupled with an undercover online ad sting operation led authorities to his online bitcoin account. Read more at

One of Facebook's Internet drones have taken its first flight. The full scale solar powered drone called Acquila took off from an aviation testing fascility in Yuma, Arizona. The drone stayed aloft for 90 minutes, which was three times longer than they'd planned. This is a big first step in Facebook's plan to bring internet access to remote places in the world. Read more at

This week we've been talking about Apple's Health experiment with GlaxoSmithKline and a Gizmodo article claims that Apple's experiment is riddled with privacy problems and issues with informed consent. Read more at

Leslie Jones is Back on Twitter. A few days ago we talked about how the Ghostbuster's star tried to stand up to racist trolls, but left Twitter in tears. Now she is back and has thanked everyone for the love and support. Read more at Leslie Jones' Twitter - @lesdoggg

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