Tech News Today for January 18, 2017

Tech News for Wednesday January 18, 2017

The Information says the cheap Android One phones could come to the US by the end of this year. The Android One platform was designed to provide cheap phones without all the bloatware, lack of updates, and insecurity, but this new report implies that growth of Android One will bring more uniformity to the Android ecosystem. Sources at the Information did not know who would make the phone, but they suggested LG as a possible partner. Read more at

A South Korean court reached a decision to dismiss the arrest warrant it held for Jay Y. Lee, head of Samsung on bribery charges. After 22 hours of questioning last week, and being held overnight at a detention center, Lee was set free with the judge saying an arrest was unnecessary. Read more at

The CIA has released 13 million pages of declassified documents online, going back decades. If you have an internet connection, you can search the database whenever you like. Aliens, state-funded mind-control, pre-cognition, and telethapy are just some of the programs you can read about in the database, according to BuzzFeed. Read more at

Slack is rolling out a new feature that should improve how it handles communication between large teams. Message threads brings a new “flex pane” to chat windows that allow for extended comments to be attached to individual topics within the thread. Those threads can be collapsed and expanded to help clean up the chat window. Read more at

A class-action lawsuit in LA alleges that Apple has the ability to block iPhone users from texting, but they don't use it, causing accidents and deaths on the road. The California man who brought the lawsuit would like to halt all iPhone sales until they lock out phones to prevent texting and driving. He's not seeking additional damages aside from his legal costs and says the company is putting profit over customer safety. Read more at

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