Tech News Today for February 28, 2017

Tech News for Tuesday February 28, 2017

No you were not imagining things. The Internet was a bit wonky today due to a partial outage in Amazon Web Services, which, full disclosure, is a TWiT sponsor. Quora,, IMGUR, IFTTT, Slack, Giphy and others suffered from what AWS called "high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1,” or what we like to call a near total SNAFU. The disruption began around 12 PM eastern time and was fully resolved around 5pm Eastern Time. Read more at

YouTube has redefined what many see as “must see TV”, replacing traditional television content with independentaly produced user generated video. But YouTube wants it all, of course. YouTube TV is a new $35 per month service to bring a bundle of broadcast and around 35 affiliated cable network channels to subscribers in a standalone app that will launch this Spring. Read more at

Don't expect a new Pixel laptop from Google. At Mobile World Congress, Google’s senior vice president for hardware Rick Osterloh said the company won't use the Pixel name for Chromebooks, as it has become synonymous with the Google smartphone. Read more at

Raspberry Pi upgrades are few and far between, but they are almost always super cool and this is no different. The Raspberry Pi Zero W is an upgrade to the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero that was first released in October of 2015. The W version takes the same specs from the original, and adds support for 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The upgrade comes at a price, so brace yourself. This credit card sized computer will break the bank at $10 plus tax. Read more at

You know what we really need? Another messaging service. You know who hasn't released a new messaging service in the last few days? Google. Meet Meet, the new messaging service for the enterprise, from Google. To the company's credit, they launched the new service quietly, or it was leaked. Either way, its designed for HD meetings in the workplace. So, call it "conferencing" as opposed to "video messaging" and it will be part of G Suite. Read more at

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