Tech News Today for August 15, 2017

Tech News for Tuesday August 15, 2017

Uber is paying the price for its misuse of “God View” as the result of a probe by the Federal Trade Commission. Uber is required to submit to 20 years of privacy audits and if mishandlings are discovered, Uber faces stiff financial penalties. Not only that, Uber is being taken to task for not protecting sensitive user data on Amazon’s cloud. Read more at

After GoDaddy and Google refused to host a Neo-Nazi site, Motherboard says it has moved to the dark web. According to a tweet from the site, they're using the dark web not because they want to be secure, but because they want a place to to promote themselves that can't be shut down by corporations. They posted the Onion link that you can use with the Tor browser or you can just add “.to” to the end of the link which lets you view it in any browser, but its not anonymous like Tor. This shows once again that Tor is not necessarily being used for the good it was designed for. Read more at

Google Allo has long suffered from one critical roadblock for helping it broaden its user base: A lack of a desktop app. Google has now released the web version of Allo, first for Android users with iOS to follow in the near future. The web app is tehthered to the device that a user’s Allo account is logged in on, similar to how WhatsApp approaches it. Read more at

A former Netflix exec is offering a new plan that lets you see a movie in a theater every day, for a subscription price of only $10 a month, no blackouts and no contract necessary. MoviePass has been around since 2011, but this is a new low for its subscription service that used to depend on a tiered system based on the cost of seeing a movie in your location. As of December of last year, the service only had 20,000 subscribers and they're hoping the new price will give the service a big boost. The change also comes as MoviePass sold a majority stake to Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc., a publicly traded data firm. It's all about the data. Read more at

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