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Your Money Back If Not Delighted

I got a friendly note last night from Tony:
"I listen to eight podcasts regularly, TWiT is one of only 2 that I subscribe to and pay for (I know I TWiT is free and my "donation" is to help defer the costs, etc.). Of all of the podcasts, TWiT is also the only one that seems to have this many issues being put out on time. I also understand that you guys are trying to get it worked out and are having both technical and labor problems. But to add insult to injury you post a message on the site saying you are having problems and the podcast should be ready that evening and 2 days later it still isn't there and no new messages are posted about it being late. The lack of communication I think is the frustrating part. If you are not going to post when you suggest that you are (6/13- ...and get the 'cast up later today) then post another message saying that you still have issues and you plan on having it up by whatever time. Okay, I am done venting."
I have refunded his money, as I will be glad to do for any of you who feel the same way, although I might point out that we're actually ahead since we shipped two TWiTs last week. I guess I confused Tony with my numbering scheme. I do apologize for not getting #9 out on time - we did have a FTP problem on Sunday night and I had to leave for Canada the next morning. (I'm not sure why Patrick said I'd have it out later that day - that wasn't something I could do since I didn't get all the pieces until Tuesday.) I'm still in Toronto as I write this taping Call for Help. I have been working on TWiT every night in my hotel room, but it's not easy doing it on the equipment I have with me. In all likelihood it will be Saturday before I can get it pushed out. And, yes, we'll do another on Sunday. I do apologize, and once again, if you feel you're not getting your money's worth I will happily refund your donations. Just drop me a line.
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