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Win 120 Free Songs From ExtremeiPod and eMusic

I know ya'll are capable of madly creative stuff... so fire out a picture of you and your iPod!

Seriously. Send a picture with an iPod our way. You could win 120 songs from and ExtremeiPod!

How about your iPod sneaking into the frame of a picture of your majestic neigborhood... a glamor shot of the iPod you covered with glitter... you and your iPod doing something highly amusing. Or naughty.

**hey everybody... the photoshopped pictures are fun, but we can't use 'em... they've got to be your original images!!!**

If we think your pic is the coolest one we've gotten that week, you score the free tunes. (They've got Pennywise... Sun Records... a ton of great indy labels... and lots more!) And when I say free, I mean free: there's no DRM on these MP3s.

For more info on how to enter, check out Win 120 Free Songs From!


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