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Wiki Up

The best thing about TWiT is the community that surrounds it. I'm always looking for ways to give the community more ways to participate. That's why we have two chat rooms and two forums and now, an official TWiT Wiki. We'll be dumping every bit of information we can scrape up into the wiki, and I hope you'll help. The software is Mediawiki - the same software that Wikipedia runs on - so it should feel pretty familiar. You'll need to create an account with a verified email address before you can edit pages. That's to discourage spamming; I promise to keep the email private. If you've got questions about TWiT visit the FAQ on the Wiki. If you want show notes, you'll find them there, too. Want John C. Dvorak's hat size? I'm sure someone will post it there sooner or later. The wiki is a community project. We'll post there but I hope you'll help, too. On another note, our wonderful Drupal expert, Gordon Heydon, has updated to Drupal 6. We've added a TWiT Picks page, so you can find stuff we mention on the shows, and there's a much improved search, powered by Google. So click the two new links above: Wiki and Picks and let me know what you think! Thanks for being part of the TWiT Family.
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