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We've Got Issues

Our beloved primary bandwidth provider, AOL Radio, converted all its servers to Akamai last week. Ultimately this will mean much faster download speeds, and since they were pushing 3.4TB a day they really needed to do it. However, this has meant some hiccups in the short run. A number of people have complained of truncated downloads for Security Now and TWiT. I believe this is happening because your local Akamai server has an incomplete version of the show. It's a small minority of servers, but we'd like to figure out which ones are not working properly. If you attempted to download TWiT, Security Now, or Inside the Net in the past week via HTTP by clicking on a link on this page, or via iTunes, and received a short show please send me an email with your local IP address and the length of the file you received. That will help us locate the areas where there are problems. The good news is that BitTorrent is getting easier and easier. I've been playing with a new client for Windows and Mac called Fireant and I'm very impressed. Not only will it download audio and video files via BitTorrent, the software allows you to copy video and audio directly to an iPod, PSP, Creative Zen, and other devices. If you're having trouble getting TWiT via iTunes you might want to try Fireant. Here are the BitTorrent RSS links you can use with Fireant: Thanks for your help and patience. Even though TWiT is a year old now, we're still an infant with lots of growing to do.
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