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From Smosh to the Harlem Shake, YouTube has become its own medium and culture. At the same time, content creators like Lucas Cruikshank and Felicia Day have parlayed their YouTube success into new ventures (both on the site and off). Over the last two years, we’ve also seen YouTube strike deals with traditional media personalities to create new and original content.

I’ve been watching and listening to TWiT for years. In the past five years of creating content for YouTube, I’ve noticed a void in coverage of this area. After appearing on “This Week in Google” a few times to talk about YouTube, I realized that the TWiT network would be perfect for a show like this. I pitched it to Leo, who was immediately in favor of the idea.

So together with Leo and Chad Johnson, “This Week in YouTube” will discuss the world of YouTube and online video on a weekly basis. This will include the latest news, viral videos, the authenticity of controversial videos, and tips on how to be a better viewer and creator on YouTube.

We record live every Sunday around 2pm Pacific and you can download or watch it on demand the next day.

You can check out the show and subscribe to our feed here.

Of course, you can also subscribe on YouTube.

Enjoy the show!

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