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This WEEK in LAW: Moving Forward on MCLE Approvals

Episode #166 of This WEEK in LAW was the first to be officially approved by the State Bar of California for MCLE (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education).

Anyone who wants to watch episode #166 (or if you already have), all you need is the two passphrases that were mentioned during the show. You can request .75 hours of MCLE credit from the show page.

We know this will be a great benefit for our California lawyer viewers and listeners, and we will keep you posted as we continue the approval process in California. If all goes as planned, we will become an approved provider and all shows will automatically be eligible for credit.

As our lawyer viewers know, obtaining MCLE credit is generally quite costly and, let's face it, can be kind of dull. We hope to lend a hand by providing credit that's both free and interesting.

For those in other states, please see our show's Wiki page for guidance on obtaining credit in your jurisdiction, and we'll let you know about our progress as these efforts continue.

TWiL's summer intern Franklin Graves did an excellent job getting the ball rolling on all this, and if you might be interested in picking up where he left off, please let us know.

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