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Visit any coffee shop today and you'll see the results of the IT revolution: mobile devices connecting to a vast network of knowledge, laptops calling forth data and services from around the globe, and tablets accessing a user's data, no matter the device or platform.

Information technology forms the lens through which we see the world, relate to one another, and share our ideas.

And yet, for all the technological beauty in our always-on culture, there is a layer below that mostly goes unnoticed. Usually invisible, this often misunderstood tech makes it all possible. It's what drives business around the globe, makes networks "networkable," and keeps us all connected.

As an engineer who is fascinated by this, I feel it's my responsibility as an uberGeek to share my passion for the wonders of the Enterprise, which is why I’ve created "This Week in Enterprise Tech."

TWiET is dedicated to the IT professional, the Enterprise Executive, and the end-user who just wants to know how it all works.

Each week we'll tackle a new topic in Enterprise, covering everything from the latest in wireless advancements, to the challenges of networking in the harshest environments. We’ll also review tools for the IT pro and gear for the road warrior, as well as chat with real engineers, and offer networking lessons for newbies and veterans alike.

This Week in Enterprise Tech records every Monday at 12 noon Pacific/3p Eastern/1900 UTC.

You can watch our first episode and find links to subscribe here.

So pull up a chair, pop open your laptop, and get ready to stay TWiET.

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