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We Need A Logo!

The template I'm using is very pretty and all, but it's a generic template that comes with Drupal. I'd really really like to customize it with a TWiT logo. We need something simple and small - comparable to the boxed arrow logo you see all over the site right now. (Look in the upper left corner.)

Anyone have any good ideas?

I'm open to a full redesign, too. If you're a site designer and you'd like a permanent credit on the front page, email me with your portfolio. I'd love someone who has Drupal experience (it's very very flexible with both CSS and PHP support in templates). A little Flash sparkle would be nice, too. But legibility, friendliness, and ease of use are paramount.

This engine is so incredibly easy to administer that I'm going to move all my sites to it as soon as I can figure out how to port the existing posts.

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