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Wanna help me break a server? DigitalLifeTV Episode 5 goes out LIVE at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific

Howdy all! We're broadcasting Episode 05 of DigitalLifeTV tonight at 9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific. It requires the Windows Media Player (and a broadband connection) to watch it live. The link goes up around 5:45... and we'll be IPcasting from our half built studio. iPod nano, OpenOffice 2.0 beta, demos of F.E.A.R, Age of Empires III and Serious Sam II, viewer questions and lots more. Like the ButtKicker Gamer (you'll have to watch to find out), and a most excellent sub-$100 laser printer. Anyhow, if everybody could dogpile on that link, I'd be so thrilled... we're trying to see what the live server can take. thanks!!! P
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