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I'm not big on awards shows - but since I'll be speaking at the Podcast Expo in LA in November, and they're going to be hosting the first annual Podcast Awards, I thought I should at least try to get nominated. Visit the Podcast Awards Site and cast your vote for TWiT (or TLR or KFI for that matter). Don't do it for me. Do it for Patrick. He never won a ZD Editorial Excellence Award and he deserves something darn it. UPDATE: Do check the rules - you can only nominate any show in one category. So, for example, you could nominate TWiT in the People's Choice category and the KFI Airchecks in the Technology category, but don't nominate TWiT in both. If you do none of your nominations will be counted.
  • The XML address for TWiT is, web address is
  • The XML address for KFI is, web address is
  • The XML address for TLR is, web address is
Nominations close Tuesday - so vote now! (And thanks!!)
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