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Video formats to be consolidated for two TWiT feeds

Video formats will be consolidated

Are you subscribed to All Shows or Radio Leo, in video?

Then, you’ll see a change as TWiT consolidates video formats into our HD feed only.

Video-LO and Video-HI formats will be discontinued for these two podcast feeds starting Friday, March 13, 2020. If you've subscribed to the feeds in those formats, you won't have to take any action. You will be automatically redirected to the HD video feed.

The switch is part of an effort to streamline operations.

When TWiT began podcasting, bandwidth was an important consideration. With improved internet broadband capacities of our audience, priorities are shifting. As such, you may have noticed that TWiT’s recently launched shows are in HD format only for video. For example, Leo’s Hands-On Mac is in HD only for video, plus all the audio goodness. Our long-running shows will eventually be streamlined so there’s one video feed per podcast.

Consolidating video formats helps TWiT streamline operations and shift focus on other priorities in serving you, our valued audience.

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