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Unedited Episode 9

After all the brouhaha over Episode 9 - seems so long ago now - I promised to post the original Teamspeak version of it so those skeptics among you who think content trumps audio quality could see why I had to edit number 9. And why it took so long. We won't be using Teamspeak again. On the other hand, Skype sounded pretty darn good for Episode 10 so I didn't bother with the local recordings. We'll probably stick with Skype for now. You can get a copy of the raw Episode 9 here. It's about 17 megs and 1:17 long, but I doubt very much you'll get through it. I am also finally catching up on the KFI podcasts - I know they're woefully behind. I put the May 21 episode up tonight and I'll put up one or two a day until I get caught up.
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