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Two New Shows

We've added two more shows to the TWiT family. That makes two shows for you to listen to every day of the week. -whew- Megan Morrone, who left the Screen Savers in 2003 to have a baby, Annabella, and then twins Milo and Huck, has returned with Jumping Monkeys, a weekly look at parenting in the digital age. The show is usually an hour long and features links, chat, and interviews with other geek parents. Jumping Monkeys comes out every Saturday. My old friend, Cammy Blackstone, hosted the morning drive slot on San Francisco's KFRC for more than a decade but she never lost her interest in junk food. Now she co-hosts Munchcast, a weekly dive into the junk food dumpster. I hope you enjoy the show as much as we do making it! Look for it every Sunday afternoon. I'm also glad to say that Randal Schwartz will join Chris DiBona, Jon 'maddog' Hall, and Jeremy Allison as rotating hosts of FLOSS Weekly. Turns out open source guys are more busy than normal working stiffs, so it's been tough getting shows out. I'm hoping to put FLOSS out on a more regular basis now. Maybe we should rename it FLOSS Regularly. According to the numbers more people than ever before are listening to all the TWiT netcasts. I am so glad you're enjoying them. We'll keep making shows as long as you keep listening!
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