Inside TWiT Update

Hi, gang! Here's the latest from You may have noticed that I've changed the header a little. That's to prepare for a complete site redesign and rebranding coming soon. Amber and her team at arktyp have completed the design and now it's up to me to get it working in Drupal. I'll post a beta link when it's actually doing something. The rebranding is to emphasize the fact that this is a network of shows. Our flagship is this WEEK in TECH or TWiT, and the network is I'm almost done with adding shows, but there are a couple of more I think we need to do. John and I working on a new Triangulation to cover the AOL Goodmail controversy, that should be out later this week, and I've started developing a Linux/Open Source weekly show (FLOSS Weekly - thanks to zeke123 for the name!), much like Inside the Net, featuring important open source software and its developers. I think we'll use Triangulation for single topic specials - neither John nor I have the time to do it weekly. Download numbers are in from AOL. These are downloads from 2/1-2/19/2006 and don't include BitTorrent or mirrors. TWiT 41: 261,229 Security Now 25: 100,845 Inside the Net 10: 45,447 No Daily Giz Wiz or MacBreak stats yet, but that puts us over 400,000 downloads per week. That's something like a medium cable channel (well bigger than TechTV anyway) so I think we're doing very well, ahead of all our projections. And we're still growing fast. We are pitching advertisers now, and we've got some bites, but I'm holding out for just the right relationship. The store is under development. We've got some great items and hope to launch before summer. My deepest thanks for the volunteer efforts of all our hosts and our production partners, Pixel Corps. Thanks to AOL Radio, who now pushes well over a terabyte a day of data for us. And most of all, thanks to our donors and listeners. We couldn't do this without you.
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