Inside TWiT Transcripts Are Back

We brought back transcripts to a few of our podcasts! That might not seem like the most exciting piece of news, but we are excited. Why?

By adding podcast transcripts, we can offer our hearing-impaired listeners, those who speak other languages, love to read, or just want to follow along with our shows a written account of our shows.

Plus, incorporating them makes our podcasts more accessible to the millions of geeks out there that haven’t joined the TWiT family yet. 

As of December 7, 2021, you’ll be able to get transcripts for This Week in Tech, Security Now, MacBreak Weekly, The Tech Guy, Windows Weekly, and This Week in Google, and you can find them on their respective episode pages. 

Do keep in mind, these are AI-generated scripts and may not be word for word, so please pardon any errors. 

We hope you continue to enjoy listening, watching, and now reading your favorite TWiT shows.

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