Inside TWiT Goes Read-Only

As you may have noticed, I have changed into a read-only web site, without logins and commenting (much as Alex has done at It's not that I don't welcome your comments, but I'm having all sorts of difficulties with the software over cookies and log-ins. Add to that the difficulty of moderating thousands of entries for spam, and I think you'll see that it's impractical for now to keep things as they are. At some point I hope to find a Drupal developer I can afford (Lullabot is way beyond my means these days) and I'll be able to update this site to Drupal 5 and restore some of the interactivity. Until then we'll have to live with a simpler design. Please note, I'm not turning off donations - those are still encouraged and welcome. As always, it's your donations that pay to keep the podcasts going. The limited advertising revenue TWiT generates goes directly to the participants. Nor am I discouraging your feedback. Your comments are more than welcome on the free (moderated) forums at Leoville Town Square. Donors, of course, have access to the private Forums. And you can always email your comments to me. Thanks for listening to TWiT! Keep those cards and letters coming.
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