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TWiT's Lesser Known RSS Feeds

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The foundation of podcasting is built on RSS feeds, which stands for Really Simple Syndication. These feeds offer content in a standardized format and allow people to receive content from multiple sources in one place. Although RSS feeds were initially used to deliver text news articles from various news websites, they soon became popular as a means to deliver audio files for podcasts.

Since 2005, TWiT has published podcasts via RSS feeds. Suppose you have subscribed to any of TWiT's podcasts in any podcast app. In that case, that app reads TWiT's custom-generated RSS feed and presents the content in a format that makes it easy to read show names, episode titles, episode descriptions, and a link to the audio or video file for your app to play.

Many people are unaware that TWiT also has RSS feeds designed for news aggregators like Feedly, NetNewsWire, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Akregator. These feeds are not meant for podcast apps but are specifically designed for news aggregators. You can copy any of the RSS feed links below into your RSS feed reader of choice and get updates on the latest TWiT blog posts, articles, or podcasts as soon as they are published.

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