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TWiT Special: Bandwidth Caps - 7/13 at 9AM

Almost every conversation about doing anything cool online ends up with some kind of concern about bandwidth caps. More ISPs, both wireless and wired are instituting some kind of cap, or at least some type of usage-based billing.

Will this trend reduce the usefulness of the Internet? Or will it provide the revenue ISPs need to build better and faster connections? Do bandwidth caps actually make networks easier to manage? Do they free up bandwidth for other users?

We've asked people who work in the industry to gather for a round table discussion of just these issues in order to help you get a better understading of what bandwidth caps do and what they don't do.

To explain this topic we've asked the following folks to join us:

  • Dane Jasper - CEO of Sonic.Net
  • Reid Fishler - Director, Carrier Sales/Purchasing at backbone provider Hurricane Electric Internet Services
  • Benoit Felten - Co-Founder at Diffraction Analysis
  • Christopher Mitchell - Director of the Telecommunications as Commons Initiative

Watch Live Friday July 13th at 9 AM Pacific at

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