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TWiT Slowdown Begins

Happy Holidays from TWiT! You may notice some missing shows in the next few weeks (well, except for Security Now, Steve Gibson is an animal). There will be no TWiT this week - I'm on the road, but we'll do two more this year on 12/17 and 12/24. Don't forget the ScottEVest coupon code - good through Christmas. 20% off when you use the coupon code LEO on the SeV site. And make sure to buy lots of Audible books. Have I mentioned that they make wonderful holiday gifts? The other news-based shows, MacBreak Weekly and Windows Weekly - will slow down, too. We should have a new shows for both next week, but then it's two weeks off. Both shows will be back the week of January 6 and watch for special Macworld Expo coverage the week of January 14 on MacBreak Weekly. We're taking this week off on The Daily Giz Wiz but we'll have all new shows through the rest of the holiday season. There'll be a new net@nite this week, but then we're taking the rest of the year off. We'll return January 9. I hope you'll use this time to catch up on old shows, spend time with family, and have a very happy holiday! We'll be back up and running full time the week of January 7. Thanks as always for your support!
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