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We've clearly outgrown the commenting capabilities of Drupal. Many folks have asked me for forums, so I think it's time to set these up and close down comments here. The new forums are at In an effort to avoid the mess that public forums have become elsewhere, and to thank supporters, I am going to limit access to TWiT contributors. I don't have an automatic way to do that just yet, however, so I guess you'll just have to apply for an account. When you sign up, please provide either your Paypal receipt number (from your confirmation email) or the email address you paid with, so I can verify your membership. I think by making the forums accessible only to donors we'll ensure a lively but respectful message board. And I do owe donors something above and beyond the shows! Thanks for your support! UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion (and paranoia) about this change. It's part of the evolution of this site away from a blog and towards a site that reflects the emegerging role of as a tech programming network. We've been working on a redesign for a month or so now. It should be fully in place in the next couple of weeks. We continue to host, and will always offer, free TWiT message boards at Leoville Town Square. UPDATE 2: I'm turning the comments back on. While the comment system here isn't as flexible as the TWiT Forums it does provide a useful feedback engine. I'm not sure how comments will work (or if they'll work) after the redesign - commenting makes sense on a blog, and we're moving away from the blog format - but until then, have at it.
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