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TV is Not Free

I'm glad you all like the video version. We intended this week as an experiment more than an actual show. If there's enough interest we can do a really bang up job each week, but there's a catch. Doing a TV show right is expensive. We need to pay for equipment and crew, not to mention bandwidth. I can do the audio production by myself, video takes at least four people during the taping and additional post production staff. Video files are more than 10x the size of audio. BitTorrent costs us nothing, but direct downloads will be expensive. In other words, it's going to cost us thousands of dollars per episode to produce a weekly video version of TWiT. So here's the pitch. If you want a quality video production of TWiT each week, we're going to have to raise the money somehow. The contributions to the audio version have been very generous so far, and we really appreciate it, but they're not enough to do audio and video, too. And I'm reluctant to put in advertising. So here's the question. Would you be willing to pay a small subscription fee for the video? Take the poll to the right. And please take it seriously. Don't say you'd pay for TWiT video if you really wouldn't. This is the sole extent of my market research, so I'm counting on you! Thanks, as always. And don't worry - we plan to keep doing the audio version free for as long as you'll keep listening.
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