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Howdy TWiT Army! I was wondering if ya'll might help me beat on the server again. And I'd love to know how it looked at your end: clean feed, good video... or not: if you'd send an email to to let me know, that'd be great! Should be a good show: We've got LG's VX9800 SMS phone, free antispyware and antivirus tools, Guitar Hero, info on broadband boosters and a ton of answers to quetions about HDTVs. The video stream goes live 9 PM EST, 6 PM PST, 01:00:00 UTC (for you folks outside of the US). We start the servers 15 minutes before we go live and run a countdown clock until we launch the show. And we'll have the WMV, H.264 MOV, XVID and MPEG4 files up for download by Wednesday after we get 'em all coded. Thanks for watching... and thanks for your feedback... and I'll be pulling this post post show so it doesn't clutter up the TWiT page! Thanks!!! P
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