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Sorry, Tony

OK, I owe Tony, and all of you an apology. It was late; I was tired and cranky. I'm sorry I snapped at you, Tony. I guess my point is that we're doing this for the fun of it. We are really thrilled that you all like it so much, and we're grateful to the listeners who have donated to our cause. Thanks also for all the folks who have volunteered to help me edit the TWiTcast. But none of us TWiTs wants (or needs) another 9 to 5. Or 125,000 new bosses. I'm just asking you to trust me when I say I am working as hard as I can to get it done and fulfill all my other obligations, as well. I will push it out the minute it's ready. Promise. Editing the show is fully as much a part of the process as recording it. I try very hard to give you a listenable hour with the right proportion of entertainment and information. This takes time. And it's not something I'm willing to let someone else do. Just for your edification I will release the TeamSpeak master track from this one (well minus a few things we don't want to appear in public) so you can see the difference. OK, enough time spent posting, back to work. I'll have something for you soon.
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