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Yes the site has been very slow for the last few days. The server was running, but traffic was slowing it down. I'm not sure why but we're working on it. It's possible it was a DDoS attack. We experienced similar temporary slowdowns on the and townsquare server on Sunday. Most likely due to a run on Ilfak's patch for the WMF vulnerability. Meanwhile I've disabled BitTorrent on the site - that is another candidate for a cause. I'll move the trackers to a third server today. Everything seems ok now. Sorry for the disruption of service. The TWiT maintenance crews in their snazzy orange jackets are on the job. UPDATE: Turning off the BitTorrent trackers seems to have fixed things. When I turned one back on things slowed down again - so I think it's safe to say the trackers were the source of the problems. They're all disabled now. I have ordered a new server and will be moving all the BitTorrent files over to there. That way even if it bogs down it won't affect this site. I'm also buying a second GB of RAM for this server which should help when the traffic gets heavy. Thanks for your patience!
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