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Single-Show Ad-Free Subscriptions on Apple Podcasts

Hey TWiT fans, we have partnered with Apple Podcasts for another ad-free podcast option.

When we launched Club TWiT in April, we heard from many of you about only wanting one or two of your favorite TWiT shows ad-free. So, in response to popular demand, we are launching single-show subscriptions with Apple Podcasts for $2.99 per month per show.

Single-show subscriptions are available now on Apple Podcasts only. To subscribe, go to Apple Podcasts and search for the show, then click the ad-free subscribe button. You’ll get ad-free episodes going back to September 1st. Any episodes on the feed before Sept 1, 2021 will have ads.

This is outside of Club TWiT, as you won't have access to every show ad-free, our members-only Discord, or the bonus TWiT+ feed. To join Club TWiT, and become a member for just $7 a month, be sure to sign up here:

As always, you can continue to get all TWiT shows for free with ads. We hope you continue to enjoy listening to your favorite TWiT shows.

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