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From the Shadows releases third episode! Box 3.0: "0wning 2.4Ghz".

You can find FTS Box3.0 and the other episodes HERE.

Wireless Technology: Revolution, Evolution or both?

There are certain events in our history that have changed the world around us. They were logically named as revolutions (industrial revolution, etc). They have enabled people to better their lives, and change the face of the world. So I think it fits that we call this time the Wireless Revolution. The world around us these days is increasingly becoming more and more entrenched in wireless technology, ranging from cell phones, computers, cameras, to medical equipment. In my travels I have found it hard to find an area without wireless devices playing a part of daily life. Like it or not wireless is not only here to stay its going to effect our very society.

In the past you were a pretty hardcore geek if you had the latest wireless devices. But breakthroughs in these wireless technologies over the past few years have bridged the gap between elite technology geek and the general public. The 2.4Ghz spectrum seeing the biggest explosion of technologies such as Wireless Networking, Wireless Security Cameras, and many many others. What many of the manufacturers are just beginning to realize is that many "consumers/users" are far from a predictable demographic. These users are modifying and evolving standard technologies to suit their needs, into creations far beyond the vision of the manufacturers. Many of these modifications get adopted by the manufacturers. Although they rarely give credit to those they got the idea from... we know... Call us what you will, hobbyists, hardware hackers, coders, or just people who love technology. We are evolving the face of technology and the world around us. Corporate America, it's time to recognize us!

In "From The Shadows: Box 3.0" the FTS crew is showing you an inside look at the vulnerabilities of the 2.4Ghz spectrum with a complete vulnerability assessment by means of WarDriving and WarViewing. Following the vulnerability assessment, Robert Heron lighten things up a bit and heads Venice Beach, California to help the people with their HDTV and HD-DVD questions! Next I (Yoshi) demonstrate how to extend the range of the wireless capabilities of the Sony PSP. This is a cool fun mod where I added a mc card connector to the PSP allowing it to use high gain external antenna. I wanted it to look like a factory installed part. I think I pulled it off tell me what you think. It was a lot of fun and helped the PSP's poor range greatly. Its not very expensive and not very complicated, if you want follow along. Just remember you will "VOID YOUR WARRANTY", and it's not my fault if you break it. Last but not least the FTS crew hooks up with Humphrey Cheung from "Tom's Hardware" to demonstrate "How to Crack a WEP Key in a Few Minutes".

See Humphrey's Tom's Hardware article HERE

Join us as we bring you "0wning 2.4Ghz".

You can download Box3.0 and the other episodes here.

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