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Sebastian Peak to Co-Host TWiCH

Sebastian Peak

Back in October, Ryan Shrout announced he was heading to Intel for a fantastic job. Now, Allyn Malventano is headed there, too. So who will co-host This Week in Computer Hardware with Patrick Norton? Sebastian Peak, of course. 

Sebastian comes highly recommended by Patrick, Allyn, and others and serves as the Editor-in-Chief at PC Perspective. Not only does he keep up with the latest in new computer tech, he's also a collector of vintage PCs. We welcome Sebastian to the TWiT family and look forward to more great episodes. His first official show records with Patrick this Thursday, January 3rd, 2019, at 12:30 pm PT. Make sure you subscribe! You can also follow him on Twitter at @sebastianpeak.

We wish Allyn Malventano all the best at Intel and are thrilled for him in this new opportunity. 

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