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Put Tech To Use For Your Wellbeing with Hands-On Wellness

Hands-On Wellness

Personal health is paramount, as recent events have painfully reminded us. Although there are things beyond our control, there’s a fair amount we can do to take care of ourselves. And never before have we seen so much tech that can help.

Ant Pruitt is a tech and photography expert who takes wellness just as seriously. With his new show, Hands-On Wellness, he’s pumped to help you amp up your wellbeing.

Ant will guide you so your wearables, sensors, fitness trackers, and smart devices are even more useful. He’ll discuss the importance of fitness and overall wellness, and share simple life hacks. With Ant as your coach, taking care of you can be as easy as taking ten minutes away from your desk or as advanced a heart rate monitor on your smartwatch.

Tech can be a source of stress and frustration at times. Turn that around and put tech to use for your wellbeing by subscribing to Hands-On Wellness today.

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