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Podcast Difficulties

I know some people are having trouble with downloading the podcasts. If you're having problems post here. If you have solutions, help out!

Most of the problems I'm aware of involve ipodder and Doppler on Windows. There are two issues here:

  1. Older versions of ipodder have problems with my aliased urls. When ipodder sees the 301 Page Moved message it assumes it's an error and gives up. This has been fixed in version 2. Solution: upgrade to ipodder 2
  2. ipodder and Doppler have difficulties with the BitTorrent feeds. You must have a separate BitTorrent client installed (iPodderX comes with a client built-in). Read the documentation for your podcast client - sometimes getting BitTorrent working is tricky. Solutions: Use iPodderX, or don't use the BitTorrent feeds.

A problem across all platforms is that the Coralized feeds sometimes return a File Not Found. This is a bug in Coral that arises when their network is slammed by heavy traffic. In other words, this happens every week. Your podcast client should keep trying and eventually get the file.

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