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Please Stand By.... We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

[[insert sound of favorite TV technical difficulties music... I'm a big fan of humming The Girl From Ipamena... or Black Flag's Depression in these circumstances.]]

Beloved Listeners of the TWIT.TV Podcasting networks... Leo's been travelling. There have been plagues. Locusts. Fires. New digital recorders designed to bring utterly spectacular audio quality to your Twit-cast.

OK, the biblical stuff hasn't gone down. Not at least beyond some cricket infestations. We're not too worried about those.

The big problem is the new digital recorders. Throw those together with Leo not having a backup to manage the podcast production and distro when he travels (we're growing this as we go along) and this weeks podcast, well, you know this alrady, gets kinda late. With a little luck this won't happen again:

  1. Yoshi and I are reading the manuals on the recorders to figure out why they broke our recordings into 57 indivdual segments that Leo's piecing back together to make the 'cast work.
  2. Ya see, the recorders are supposed to just spin the length of the convo. Then Leo opens 'em up into a multitrack studio, lines up the start points and does some minor editing. Voila: pro radio quality audio from 5 people living hundreds of miles apart.
  3. Things didn't quite work out that way. Cause of hte whole slide and dice mess Leo has to play CSI with the audio tracks Yoshi and I sent. It is a slow process... and it won't happen again.
  4. We're training a second for Leo so he can have a life, ie travel for work/vacations without the podcast dates shifting. (ala Memorial Day, children's b-days, etc.) I think he's earned that. Besides, Mrs. Laporte will hunt me down and beat me w/ a stick if we don't.
  5. We're really really sorry TWIT is late this week and we're working hard to make sure it'll never happen again.

[[end official notice...]]

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