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Once again into the breach, dear friends...

So, um, if you're not doing anything around 1PM PST (4PM EST) you can check out a live IPTV/online tv broadcast thing we're doing over at Ziff Davis... does require the Windows Media Player to watch it live. Later on today we'll have archived version you can download at your whim. Wheeeee! ADDED 2:55: 1) Yup, we're having mad audio problems... we're got new mics and some training coming. 2) We're still getting used to the Newtek Tricaster for switching the show ... we're on our third Tricaster, since we had a software crash on the first one and a hardware problem on the second... that cut down into our rehersal/learn how to switch the show time. Beyond that it's an amazing box. 3) WMV... Well, we'll be archiving the show in a couple formats, but this is the only one we can afford to stream live that actually looks good. 4) Yes, we'd love to have Leo cohost, but we can't afford his day rate for shooting TV... hopefully he'll get bored one tuesday and I can con him into cohosting for fun. 5) Thanks for all the feedback!
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