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October Numbers

Here are the top downloaded individual episodes from the month of October - downloads continue for some time so the total number of downloads for any given show will be around 30% larger. (These are the numbers directly from AOL and Cachefly - our ad agency eliminates non-US downloads and filters for unique IPs so we sell somewhat lower numbers.)
TWiT 73307,497
TWiL 1227,794 (it was on the TWiT feed)
Security Now 6199,751
Windows Weekly 183,049
Inside the Net 3959,988
MacBreak Weekly 1151,241
FLOSS Weekly 1431,661
Daily Giz Wiz 16223,190 (around 100,000/week)
Futures in Biotech 620,148
Several of these shows are doing even better in November. Overall we did 2,395,996 downloads on AOL, 1,650,548 on Cachefly for a total of just over 4 million downloads and 55TB of data for the month of October. If we had to pay for the bandwidth we use on the TWiT network we'd be paying something like $20,000 a month. Wow! Thanks so much to AOL Radio and Cachefly for providing the bandwidth for our shows. We couldn't do it without them. Really. And thanks to you for listening. Without a doubt, TWiT is the fastest growing netcast network online.
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