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My First Blog Post

It was great fun doing the TWITcast yesterday!

Feels good to have the gang back together again.

Ive been off the radar for a bit so hears an update on what Ive been up to post TSS: Its been wonderful! I had not taken a vacation in 4 years so I have been visiting a lot of friends and family, and basically unwinding. As I said on the podcast. I am going to be married this summer, to a wonderful woman who has made me the happiest guy on earth. I am also going to be a father soon. I am looking forward to this a lot. I just wonder how long it will be before I can get the littel one modding...

My new website is coming along. I cant promise a launch date... but can say it will be sooner than later. You will notice that has a new name and a matching url Ive been working with some friends on a IPTV project. From The Shadows We just finished shooting for our second episode which will be out very soon.

I am in the process of relocating. I was going to be moving to Dallas but recently decided to stay here in LA for a while longer. So I am looking for a place where I can have my workshop again. I have some mod ideas that I must do but am waiting until I have the space to do it.

Other than its same old thing. Voiding warranties, breaking traffic laws, and in general trying to live up to my motto "Stock Is Not An Option"

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