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My favorite Firefox plugin - Adblock

We got to talking about browser security on today's Podcast, and I wanted to mention some tools I never surf without (using Firefox, of course!)

Filterset.G is described in the readme as:

The guiding principle behind this filterset is efficiency. Conservative domain blocking, careful use of Regular Expressions, and a strict stance against false positives help to avoid the problems faced by other filtersets, from overspecificity to overgeneralization. Enjoy.

I've found the Adblock/Filterset.G combo to work very well in preventing all unwanted popup advertising (namely those that circumvent Firefox's built-in blocker) as well as a fair blacklist of shady domains that appear to do nothing more than infest your PC. Of course, BugMeNot just rocks...(ahem.) SpywareBlaster is another proactive tool aimed at preventing bad web stuff from installing on your PC in the first place. This must-have piece of freeware configures IE and Firefox for additional protection and promply terminates -- clean and simple. The paid version adds an automagic update feature.

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