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June Numbers once again set record numbers across the board last month. Here are the June numbers for the most listened to episode in the month - downloads continue for several months but these reflect four weeks of downloading.

ShowDownloads per episode
Security Now103,034
Inside The Net59,074
FLOSS Weekly50,796
Futures In Biotech28,302
Daily Giz Wiz19,383 (or 100,000/week)

I don't have numbers for the KFI Tech Guy, MacBreak, or TWiM, unfortunately. I'd guess they're each in the 50,000 listeners per episode range. Total AOL downloads were over 3 million episodes, or 35 terabytes, for June. Total network downloads are likely pushing 4 million episodes per month. We're listened to in over 60 different countries. The nations with more than 10,000 downloads each: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Amazingly, we think the numbers are already increasing significantly in July. Jeff just told me TWiT 62 pulled 3TB in its first day of release, spiking at 951Mb/sec. All I can say is thank you AOL Radio. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thanks to you all for listening to our shows. We find it intensely gratifying to know we're reaching such a large and diverse audience. As long as you keep listening, we'll keep makin' 'em.
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