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Jason Howell joins TWiT

The TWiT netcast network has hired Jason Howell to bring his podcast production expertise to the channel. Owned by longtime tech broadcaster, president and Chief TWiT Leo Laporte, the five-year-old company sees Howell, his experience and following as the key piece in developing their 24-hour technology network.

Howell leaves a position as producer of the popular daily tech news show Buzz Out Loud and director of all podcast production for San Francisco-based CNET/CBS Interactive, where he has worked since 2005. He co-created and hosted Android Atlas Weekly as well as producing, editing and publishing the majority of CNET's live streaming and downloadable shows both audio and video.

"TWiT is undeniably at the top of its game, delivering high quality, timely tech news and entertainment programming online," Howell said. "To be invited into the fold is both a thrill and an honor, and I'm ecstatic to produce fresh content with Tom Merritt once again."

"I've always seen TWiT as a place where great content creators could come and bring their visions to life," Laporte said. "Jason will bring perspective and experience that will benefit us greatly. We're thrilled to have him join the TWiT family."

TWiT is home to many of the world's most popular shows about technology, including This Week in Tech, Tech News Today, and the most popular shows about Apple, Microsoft, Google, Web 2.0, computer security, and more. The network broadcasts 30 live shows each week on its live-streaming channel, offering most shows for download via iTunes and elsewhere.

Howell previously worked with the host of TWiT's Tech News Today program, Tom Merritt, where they developed CNET's early podcast strategy together. "Jason is a pioneer in podcasting. He created CNET's podcast approach from scratch in the early days when few outlets were podcasting," Merritt said. "He brings a wealth of production expertise to the network. His insight and talent are essential to running a 24-hour network with high quality shows."

About Leo Laporte and TWiT

Leo Laporte is president and Chief TWiT of the TWiT netcast network and host of This Week in Tech (the world's most popular technology podcast) and the nationally syndicated Tech Guy radio show. Laporte is the former host of Call For Help and The Screensavers on TechTV. He and other hosts currently create more than 40 hours of live technology programming each week, streamed live at

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