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iTunes Compatibility

After a little fussing and fighting I think I've made our main feed iTunes compatible. Apple, being Apple, just had to add a bunch of new tags, and iTunes ignores some of the canonical RSS tags, so it's Apple's way or the highway. I'm not sure how often Apple updates things - not very from the look of it - but eventually the iTunes feed should look as nice as the others. It's kind of embarrassing to be the only podcast in the Top 20 with a broken image link.

Listen on Apple Podcasts

According to Feedburner's stats, we're getting an additional 20,000 downloads a day from iTunes, so it's worth getting this right. (With a conservative 250,000 downloads per episode we're easily the most listened to podcast in the world.) Now if only we can get featured in the iTunes Technology Podcast section.

By the way, a very hearty thanks to timmyc25 for the logo we're using for iTunes. It's one of several user contributed logos I've been using around the site, as album art, and so forth. We have so many great ones to choose from - thanks to all of you for your contributions. In the process of fixing the feed for iTunes I've dressed up the RSS in general. From now on all show notes will appear in the RSS description tag, so you'll be able to see them in your aggregator as you listen. (Try it with iPodderX, Safari, Firefox, etc.) Thanks to Patrick for his heroic efforts in the past two weeks. I'm back from my travels and will resume production duties for TWiT 14. I'm hoping to have a visit from a special guest on that episode - a former Screen Saver cast member who's been strangely silent for the past few months. See you Sunday at midnight!

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