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iTunes, AOL and our FeedBurner Links...

Howdy all... couple of quick things. First off, AOL will have no impact on our content, except to make it faster for ya'll to download it. So stop worrying about that. Second, we really want to thank EVERYONE that's pitched in so hard w/ server bandwidth, torrent hosting, and a general good spirited drive to make TWiT as easy as possible to download! Third... AOL, for whatever you might think of the software on the disk that arrives w/ the supermarket ads, knows a bit about dealing w/ massive amounts o' data... and, no there are no AOL ads in the podcast, nor are we making any money off of their hosting us... tho we are stoked about having enough bandwidth in one place for everybody to hit. So I guess we are getting compensation in a manner of speaking... hosting on their massive pipe. (Boy that sounds naughty.) It's just not anything we can spend on, say, food or rent. Unless, of course, it encourages you to subscribe. (Frankly, I think the TWiTcasts showing up bright and shiny Monday mornings would do a lot more to coax more folks into that... or our upcoming treats and special offers for subscribers... more on the latter well after Leo gets back from Europe.) Fourthly, and much more frustratingly, I don't have the tools to fix the RSS feed so the iTunes Podcast link for Epsiode 0012 shows up there. We're gonna have to wait for Leo to get hooked up w/ some internet access on the MacCruise's next port of call. My apologies on that delay for the folks using iTunes/iPodderX/Anything else that's pointed at the feedburner link. For now, all I can say is we'll get that fixed ASAP, you might want to try the link below to download it to your desktop. Thanks again for your patience, P (BTW, the video shoot went well today.)
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