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iTunes 4.9 adds podcasts... TWIT is #4 and #15... Go Forth And Download!

Wow... so I post a story on ExtremeiPod about Apple releasing iTunes 4.9, which adds support for podcasts, and going photo on the entire lineup, which is now a 20GB photo, a 60GB photo and the US iPod... install the software, click on the podcasts link... and find that we're both 4th and 15th in the top podcasts. Weird... until you start clicking on 'em. The #4 links to this WEEK in Tech, our FeedBurner links, and #15, TWiT: Boookmarkable... links to the AAC Bittorent files. OK, it's still weird. But in a cool kinda surreal way. Maybe it's all the beatings we took at TTV for not beating out Monday Night Curling in Eastern Canada. (We knocked 'em dead in North Jersey, tho!) I have no idea how Apple is doing the ranking/or getting the rankings, but, hey, feel free to use iTunes to get your podcasts! (or, frankly, iPodder, iPodderX, or bittorrent... or however ya'll enjoy sucking down the audio.) I'm kinda curious how long our ranking will hold up... the rest of the top 20 includes some pretty serious stuff: Mix and the ESPN Radio Podcast, ABCNews feeds from Ted Koppel, the ABC News Shuffle, Adam Curry's Daily Source Code, The Dawn and Drew Show, the Engadget Podcast...and lots more. In fact, lots of very commerical podcasts that haven't show up in any of the voting rankings... maybe Apple's got it's own rating system going. Check it out!
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