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I Go To The Land Down Under

E516BAC6-63A8-49F7-9485-219BAB5F5AED.jpgI'm leaving tonight for Australia on the Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop Adventure 2008: Tasmania! My good friend Mikkel Aaland, author of O'Reilly's Lightroom Adventure is leading another photo expedition; this time it's to Tasmania with a bunch of the world's top photographers for the next edition of his book and he invited me to come. I couldn't resist even though I'm no photo pro. (They're billing me as a "special media guest.") I do apologize for missing my friends on the mainland - the itinerary is limited to Tassie: a week in Hobart and a week in the wild. Our Qantas flight does stopover for seven hours in Sydney, so thanks to Aussie Mike, we'll do an impromptu meetup at the Starbucks at Terminal 3, Sydney Airport, 11a-1p on Tuesday. (It's a 12-hour flight and we cross the International Date Line so even though I'm leaving Sunday night I won't arrive in Sydney until Tuesday morning!) If there are any fans in Hobart who want to set up a meet up on Thursday or Friday let me know. I'll be doing my radio show from Sea FM/Heart 107.3 Hobart Sunday and Monday morning 4-7a local time (Tasmania is UTC +11 but it'll be live in the States). The following week I won't have access to a studio so we'll air two shows I've recorded ahead of time with all new material. We should be able to put out the podcast versions of all four show shortly after they air, however. Some of the TWiT shows will have to take a break until I come back. In particular, there won't be any new episodes of TWiT, net@night, and Windows Weekly from March 31 through April 15. We've pre-recorded episodes of Security Now and the Daily Giz Wiz - these shows won't skip a beat. Consider this a Spring Break - and a chance to catch up on podcasts you've missed. Everything will be back on schedule after I get back April 14. I will be blogging and Twittering the whole time I'm Down Under, and I'm hoping to record audio and video, too, so keep an eye on Leoville if you want to follow my travels. See you in a couple of weeks!
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