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Huyen Tue Dao Joins TWiT

We are thrilled to announce Huyen Tue Dao as an official co-host for All About Android starting Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Huyen Tue Dao currently develops the app Trello for Atlassian, Inc. and previously worked as an independent contractor, developing educational apps with her Android developer/fanatic husband. She also worked in Android, which sparked her love for the platform and allowed her to positively affect people worldwide.

Whether she is busy speaking at conferences like Ten Years of Kotlin, DroidCon NYC, or DroidKaigi 2021, blogging and contributing to the dev community as a Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin, or kicking ass as a Martial Arts and Fitness Guru – we are happy to have this incredibly fierce developer join the TWiT family as a weekly contributor. You can read her full bio at

Follow Huyen here:

Twitter: @queencodemonkey
Instagram: @queencodemonkey

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