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A number of people (ok like hundreds of people) have complained about the audio quality of TWiT 57. I worked on it a long time, but I'm the first to say I'm no audio engineer. So I thought we'd have a little contest. Here are the raw, unedited tracks from the show. If you've got mad audio skillz please do what you can with them. I'll post the best and most interesting attempt(s) with credit to the creator. Hey, maybe I'll even hire you to edit all the TWiTs. One groundrule: you can edit out the profanity (in fact, please do) and clean it up for clarity, but don't change the content sunstantially. In other words, no editing out a participant because you don't like him! Here are the audio tracks (each file is about 33MB - I compressed them to MP3s to make the download managable. If you're too much of a pro to work with MP3s let me know, I'll figure out a way to get you the uncompressed WAVs): I'll give you until next Sunday to come up with something. Email me the result (64kbps MP3 please) via YouSendIt. Enjoy!
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