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Ebay Auction to Benefit EFF

UPDATE: The auction ends Friday afternoon at 2:30p Eastern (19:30 UTC). Get your bid in soon!! You remember that issue of the Adventures of Superman (#648, March '06) that featured sly references to TWiT, Command-N, and Hak.5? Well now you can own your own autographed copy, sealed in plastic. This is limited edition of eight comics, autographed by:
  • Amber MacArthur (commandN, TWiT)
  • Darren Kitchen (Hak.5)
  • Leo Laporte (TWiT)
  • Mike Lazazzera (commandN)
  • Wess Tobler (Hak.5)
The top three bidders will get theirs also autographed by Hak.5's Alli and a special TWiT Pocket Protector autographed by Kevin, Patrick, the Woz, and me plus bonus TWiT swag. All the money raised will go to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their ongoing fight to protect your rights online.

Head to the Ebay auction right now and place your bid for history!
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