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Sorry about the problems earlier. Not sure what was happening but I repaired the MySQL database and all seems to be well again.

UPDATE: I thought it was a DOS attack but no.... it was Digg. Getting Dug is far worse than getting Slashdotted - it slammed the servers all evening. Vizaweb couldn't figue out what was happening and disabled the Gallery. (That's what was linked to in Digg.) Well now we know. Nice job, Kevin, yah brought the site down!

UPDATE 2: OK maybe it's not all Digg's fault. I was using a beta version of Menalto's Gallery for the logo gallery and it seems to have some problems. I've removed it and disabled the logo gallery for now. I'll get it back up using some other program. I like the rotating logos on the front page anyway - might be a permanent feature. There are so many good ones!

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